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Stem cells enhancing the body’s regenerative processes. They are predominant within the bone marrow, intestines, umbilical cord, some nervous tissues, testicles, dental pulp, hair follicles and the endometrium and are capable of self-renewal, have the potential to produce daughter cells, and can differentiate into more specialized cells that will eventually become resident cells of a certain organ or tissue.

A short, comfortable stay
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Our intravenous stem cell infusion is an outpatient procedure. A patient, on average, spends 5 hours upon arrival to discharge. However, our combined therapy requires an overnight stay at our facility where you are discharged the following morning.

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We just want to let you know we made it home. It's snowing here in Canada. I thought we'd be coming home to weather that’s a little closer to San Diego’s weather. I’m still feeling well, but waiting for a breakfast as good as yours. I just wanted to thank you again for all of the great services at the clinic.

Patient from Canada

A few words to let you know that our flight back home went very well. We want to thank you all for the good service you provided us including the driver (Jorge) who is very professional, always on time, very polite and a safe driver.

Couple from Canada

Dr. Vanessa, our sincere thank you to you and all of your staff for once again making our experience receiving stem cells such a pleasant and professional reality. You and your staff are very cordial, professional, and friendly in every way.

Loving Husband of patient

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